Federal has been awarded ‘Best ESG Real Estate Investment Strategy US 2022’ by Capital Finance International (CFI.co), a London-based print journal and online resource that reports on business, economics and finance across the globe. The CFI.co Awards identify individuals and organizations that contribute significantly to the convergence of economies and truly add value for all stakeholders. The annual program has recognized companies such as Fitch Ratings, JP Morgan Chase, IBM, and Amazon for their work and the impact they have made in their sectors.

We are a leader in sustainable development and operations, focusing on reducing environmental impact, and making positive impacts in the communities our properties serve. CFI.co recognized Federal for this commitment, selecting us as the overall winner from a strong shortlist of nominees. In its citation for the award, the judging panel highlights included:

  • Federal Realty is a long-term holder of real estate and its success is founded on continual reinvestment in its properties to meet evolving community and market demands.
  • It has appointed a dedicated head of sustainability to oversee and coordinate all ESG efforts for its properties and external reporting.
  • Oversight by a multi-disciplinary sustainability council and Board of Trustees support the goal of exemplary corporate governance.
  • Federal has invested nearly $2.3bn in buildings that have achieved or are expected to achieve LEED certification with most of that investment being in buildings with gold-level certifications.
  • It has invested heavily in energy efficiency measures with 13.6 MW of solar generating capacity from its properties and LED lighting in more than 65% of its properties.
  • Federal protects biodiversity by not developing on greenfield sites and incorporating water conservation measures into its projects.
  • Through a local partnership Federal is also investing in historically underserved markets and helping to drive their economic growth.

“In the broadest sense, Federal is the definition of sustainability—built to last and with a vested interest in the future. As such, ESG is not a separate mission, but an embedded component of our long-term vision and core business philosophy,” said Don Wood, CEO of Federal Realty. “For over half a century, our business strategy has been centered around sustainability and resilience. This has allowed us to hold a 54-year streak of annual dividend growth, the longest in the REIT sector.” 

Learn more about our strategy by visiting the ESG section of our website.