Here at Federal, a commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance is central to our operations. One of the ways we support this commitment is by connecting with and uplifting the arts in the communities we serve. We are excited to announce, “The Conversation,” the newest of a series of art activations that have made Assembly Row one of the most exciting destinations in Somerville, MA. Scroll to the bottom for a time-lapse video.

“The Conversation” showcases the exciting work being developed by new media artists and performing artists in a permanent way. The six-story “new-media” art wall, which features an LED screen in the shape of three heads looking left, right, and center will host collaborative installations from local artists and groups. As the name of the piece suggests, we hope to inspire connection, discussion, and community engagement.

The first artist team selected to create content for the wall is Studio HHH, a Somerville based, all female team, led by artist and designer Vanessa Till Hooper. Studio HHH specializes in interactive artwork, and architecturally integrated installations. Their inaugural contribution to this new canvas also bears the title of the installation, “The Conversation,” and will depict a series of overlapping portraits of a wide range of people from the local community.

Vanessa Till Hooper at the unveiling of "The Conversation."

Vanessa Till Hooper at the unveiling of “The Conversation.”

This canvas will not be limited to professional artists, it is designed to also host content created by local community members who can participate in telling their own stories; providing opportunities to develop community identity and to celebrate community achievements. By supporting the local community to develop artwork addressing the most important issues of our time, “The Conversation” aims to create a platform where artistic presence and vision can be seen and realized at an entirely new scale in the city of Somerville.

“The Conversation” continues to build on Federal’s commitment to public art throughout Assembly Row while taking that effort to another level of visibility and permanence,” said David Middleton, General Manager for Federal Realty at Assembly Row. “We are grateful to the whole team that came together not only with an impactful digital canvas for a comprehensive plan to ensure it will continue to make a statement and support the community for years to come.”

Members of the Somerville, MA government, Federal Realty Team and Artists for Humanity team at the unveiling.

Members of the Somerville, MA government, Federal Realty Team and Artists for Humanity team at the unveiling.

“The Conversation” continues a legacy of promoting local artists at Assembly. The installation will join other permanent installations like “Bloom,” by the 3D Design Studio at Artists For Humanity; “Mobi,” designed by Somerville high school students; and a number of large street art murals.