Culture & Environment

Do you want to know who we are as an employer? What’s really behind one of the most recognized names in retail real estate? Take a closer look at Federal Realty. We’re sure you’ll like what you see.

A Passion for Real Estate

The culture at Federal Realty combines the energy and excitement of a start-up organization with the stability of a successful operating company. Our employees share a passion for real estate and a strong motivation to succeed. Federal Realty provides a stimulating environment for employees by providing high levels of motivation, empowerment and recognition. And we work hard to remove any obstacles that hinder creativity.

One of our greatest strengths is our diverse mix of skill levels. We employ people with many years of experience as well as those who are just starting their careers. We offer a place for demonstrated leaders to continue their growth and a place where everyone has an opportunity to expand their skills.

Federal Realty employees come from a variety of backgrounds and education levels that ultimately lead to effective teams with people who work together to achieve shared goals. The Federal Realty environment is fast-paced and highly energized with employees who collectively share in the success for which Federal Realty is known.

An Industry Leader

As a leader in the shopping center industry for more than 40 years, Federal Realty is always looking for ways to grow and capitalize on our strengths. By employing and empowering a dedicated and passionate work force, Federal Realty is able to effectively manage its current portfolio while keeping a keen eye on future growth. Our management expertise has proven to be a key element of our success.

Our staff makes us a leader in the shopping center and REIT industries. Federal Realty attracts an educated, motivated, and friendly work force. Many well-known real estate experts work at Federal Realty, and they are ready to welcome you to the company.

What’s it really like to work for Federal Realty?

Passion. Team spirit. High energy. Empowerment. These are words that our employees use to describe the environment at Federal Realty. Sound similar to other organizations? Probably. But at Federal Realty, the difference is that we make a conscious effort to encourage and reward those qualities.

Federal Realty is a great place to work. Our commitment to excellent leadership makes us different. Although we take shopping center real estate very seriously, we also take our employees seriously. We love to celebrate our success. Join us. We invite you to explore Federal Realty for your new career.